vision petrozavodsk

Ministry partnership of Lutheran churches, organizations, and individuals supporting the rebuilding of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria in Russia (ELCIR) in Petrozavodsk and Karelia, Russia

Vision of the Petrozavodsk Ingrian Lutheran Church
The vision of the church in Petrozavodsk is that it become a self-supporting Spirit-filled community of faith spreading the Gospel in Word and Deed in Petrozavodsk and Karelia, serving as a leadership “center” for the ELCIR churches in Karelia.

Mission of Vision Petrozavodsk
The mission is to accompany Nadia and Pr Alexei Krongolm[see picture left] and the Petrozavodsk congregation in their ministry to rebuild the church in accordance with their vision.

Invitation to Become a Partner in Vision Petrozavodsk
The Petrozavodsk church faces significant challenges as it begins a new period of ministry, with young new leadership and a new church building, guided by and aimed at fulfilling their vision. You are invited to consider partnering with Vision Petrozavodsk, providing the Petrozavodsk church opportunity to establish a firm foundation for fulfilling their mission.

Information about Vision Petrozavodsk
Background information for Vision Petrozavodsk