choosing your strategic ministry partnership

What is a Strategic Ministry Partnership? 
Going beyond the concept of a Sister
Church that may simply provide a picture, paragraph and prayer requests, we can connect you with a local congregation or another teaching or outreach ministry in Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union.

Why consider a Strategic Ministry Partnership?
You personalize your strategic engagement with the harvest field by focusing on one place to build deeper relationships and assist with the work of seasoned, fruitful laborers on the front lines. 

What is involved in a Strategic Ministry Partnership?

  • EEMN will equip your congregation with the resources, information and other tools necessary to clarify expectations and maximize your impact as you team with your brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • RELATIONSHIP BUILDING between your congregation and the church or ministry via mail, e-mail, and occasional visits as the Lord leads.
  • MUTUAL SHARING OF PRAYER REQUESTS so that informed intercession can impact the life and ministry of everyone involved.
  •  REGULAR MONTHLY GIVING through EEMN toward the ongoing ministry and/or special projects of the church or ministry, depending on the resources of the congregation and the local needs of the ministry.

We’ll provide information about currently available Ministry Partners and assist you as you prayerfully choose where to invest in the Lord’s work. Please contact EEMN to hear more about entering into a Strategic Ministry Partnership.  


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