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helping one

What is Helping One?
  • Helping One is a ministry of East European Missions Network that will enable you, a small group, or a congregation to:
  • Know one student of the Tartu Academy of Theology through personal correspondence.
  • Pray for and encourage that student.
  • Help provide biblical education for that student by giving financially.
How Does Helping One Work?
You will receive a picture and personal information for each student you sponsor. We will ask you to pray for them, communicate with them on a quarterly basis and encourage them in whatever way you can. Your monthly financial will help provide the scholarship for your student to attend TAT.

Why Should I Help?
As a result of decades of officially atheistic political structure, Estonia needs trained Christian workers to provide leadership in the church and in society. We believe Christian education is vital to developing a strong moral culture in Estonia. Your participation will help assure the continuation of this ministry. We believe your friendship, prayer and support will encourage your students as they prepare to serve the Lord Jesus in Estonia.

What Role Does EEMN Play?
EEMN will coordinate communication between students and sponsors, provide tax deductibility, and serve as stateside representative of TAT. EEMN staff will be available to answer questions you may have.


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